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The universities’ response to the refugee crisis – The Refugees Welcome Map

Thank you for your interest in the EUA Refugees Welcome Survey. This survey is being undertaken by EUA to collect information on the initiatives by higher education institutions and related organisations and networks to support refugee students and researchers. The information is presented in an interactive map showcasing the initiatives undertaken across the EHEA and beyond at various levels by institutions, their staff and students to help the refugees gain access to education and employment in higher education.

The Refugees Welcome Map will also serve as a platform for exchange of good practice and for dissemination of information, e.g. on collaboration and funding opportunities. EUA would furthermore like to encourage collaboration and peer learning on responding to the refugee crisis amongst its members and partners.

To put your initiatives on the map, please fill in the following short questionnaire, which should take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. If you are principally interested in collaborating with EUA and other institutions and organisations, please indicate this in the submission form.

Currently, we are collecting information on the initiatives from institutions and organisations linked to the tertiary education sector worldwide. The EUA Refugees Welcome Map will be launched in the beginning of 2016, and will be constantly updated with new initiatives. A preview of how the Map will look like is displayed below.

Once the survey has been submitted, information cannot be edited anymore. In case you would like to update the information, please notify us under, so that we can open your submission for changes.


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